Sunday, August 30, 2015

Successful Toddler meal!!

Healthy Toddler meal! 

Plate 1 we have cut up green pepper from the garden, small cucumbers, avocado slices , a few black beans, a couple Kalamata olives and some fresh feta cheese chunks all surrounding a dipping cup of ranch dressing and its magic! Your 2 year old will eat a vegetable if you let them dip it themselves in ranch (homemade) In the bowl: a over easy runny egg which she also likes to dip stuff into the egg yolk her fav is toast but we are not eating bread in our house at the moment. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Totally healthy guilt free mac and cheese

So I have the best mac & cheese recipe that is pretty much totally guilt free  and your kids and your husbands will like it!! No joke!
 I found these awesome single ingredient noodles a few months ago at Costco from a brand called tolerant. The only ingredient these noodles have is 100% Red lentils!! I have no idea how they do this but they are so good and  the texture is perfect!  You can find them at some Costco's, whole foods and you can get them also on Amazon.  I want to kiss these people that created these. 11g fiber, 1g sugar 21g protein in a 3 oz serving. Sure there's about 53 carbs but it's a real food, in my opinion....totally ok!
Part two: the cheese part! The cheese is basically just  yellow squash!
Steam 2 medium sliced up yellow squash until very soft.
Put steamed squash, 2-3 T of grass fed butter or Ghee (ancient organics is the best brand I've found of ghee) 1tsp lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and 1tsp pink salt or more.
Sometimes I add a  pastured egg yolk or 2 for added richness if I'm going to eat it right away but not necessary
Mix all cheese ingredients in a high speed blender until creamy.
Pour over noodles serve while still warm
Bonus: you could sprinkle Parmesan and or bread crumbs on top if you don't care about gluten or dairy
PS:This recipe is 2 year old approved !😉
Plus you are getting everyone to eat more veggies and cutting the calories in half.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

bulletproof coffee

This is my new favorite thing in the world! Grass fed butter in my coffee! I look forward to it in the morning. I drink it and i am not hungry for hours!! Dave Asprey is the inventor of this coffee and his new book comes out this week, The bulletproof diet. I really trust his research and his "biohacks"that he does on himself.
The recipe for Bulletproof coffee is basicaly 2T grassfed butter (kerrygold) to 1T MCT oil Dave sells his own brand of MCT (i use NOW brand) or skinny fat from calton nutrition to 1 cup of coffee (bulletproof coffee beans are recommended for less toxins.
Oh and blend until frothy.
I found a really great book for women based on the bulletproof coffee by Skye St. John a personal trainer following the bulletproof lifestyle called "No fail fat loss for women" which you can get on amazon for 10 bucks. I highly recommend it. It lays out Intermittent fasting the bulletproof way pretty simply.

Get the real recipe here Bulletproof coffee recipe

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Today I made coconut kefir and coconut yogurt

I love my vitamix seriously. I also love ferments! I will be posting a lot more food projects here in the near future. There is so so much going on in my kitchen lately I'm like a mad scientist! Plus,I really really want to share what I've been into lately in hopes to maybe find some like minded friends here!!
I bought kefir starter this time,  I usually use the grains or crystals for doing non dairy kefir. Turns out you can use probiotic capsules that you may already have as a starter for yogurt and some other fermented or cultured foods.. Good to know! I love Donna gates (body ecology) shes like my idol...she has a lot of great info and awesome recipes on you tube. Check her out if you get a chance.

Coconut yogurt made from meat of a young coconut and a little coconut water.
let sit on counter over night.

Coconut water fermented for about 24 hours or until it starts to turn white.
(i don't let mine sit very long)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Egg and sweet potato pancakes

This morning we made sweet potato and egg pancakes!! I've been making and playing around with the recipe for a few weeks now and they are super good! I'm not a huge sweet potato fan either just so you know...
Basically I peel, cube and boil a large sweet potato.
(Boil and discard water. supposedly it removes oxalates which aren't that great for us)
Boil til it's soft enough to smush
Mix in 2-3 pastured eggs
I used Ghee or clarified butter which stands up great to high heat
Pink salt to taste
Serve with grass fed butter like Kerrygold for even more nutrition.

I just throw it in my vitamin to give it a smooth texture but you don't really have to do that I'm just lazy or something in a hurry most of the time
Add ons:
You can add some ripe banana for a sweeter pancake if you want
Blueberries work too
I added potato flakes today to hold them together better. Not necessary but it worked well.(Don't use the potato flakes with all the bad stuff in them. If you are lucky enough to have a whole foods nearby their 360 brand is only dehydrated potato that's it! No other ingredients on the box.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Obsessed with beverages

Im really starting to think I have an obsession with drinks. Not the alcoholic kind but the health tonic sort of drink. 
It's not a cheap obsession either,so I have to be careful. I could buy a pressed juice everyday (@ lunas living kitchen)
if I let myself but that would be about a $300 a month habit, so I've dialed that one down to maybe once a week.

Kevita Coconut kefir is a different story along with synergy Kombucha. I have to have one a day at least...what in the world am I doing? At least I get a 10% discount if I buy a case at a time.
  I AM making the water kefir at home now so I have cut down some. I plan on make a 1/4 keg of it as soon as I get enough grains going!! Yes I am going to put it in our kegerator..(making my husband share it with me, half kefir, half beer)
I ordered a case of Thai coconuts to try and make the kefir out of coconut water at home by myself.(not any cheaper by the way)
I feel confident that it will work well and be delicious! My grains are doing a beautiful job and the recipe I have been using is really tasty.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Favorite things

Living libations!!
I want to buy one of everything from Nadine Artemis! Today I got in the mail (so exciting) Everybody Loves the Sunshine with zinc  its a sunscreen made with pure ingredients and zinc is the only sunblocking ingredient and it is just a gorgeous product! It feels so silky not greasy and it smells just wonderful!! I got it mainly because I really don't want to put a bunch of nasty chemicals on myself or my perfect 10 mo old  baby's skin. I can't wait to test it out!
Go and get some

I also unwrapped an underarm charm called palo santo and holy moly I couldn't have dreamed up such a wonderful smell ever!!
Everything Nadine creates just oozes with TLC! You just feel kinda special getting these products in the mail and using them. It's like bathing your whole being or something. I also have maverick pits which I have been using for years now..I actually add it to my weleda deodorant (in sage)
because I just wanted more of an earthy smell...also yummy.

Last but not least is sea buckthorn Best Skin Ever and if you try and explain this to anyone they'll look at you like you just landed on earth. Yeah, it's this oil and its from gypsys called sea buck thorn....what? You clean your face with oil? Its called Best skin ever for a reason. I don't have awesome skin but I know it's more awesome than it was before I started using this stuff. It's more like liquid gold! You can use it absolutely anywhere. The other day I mixed it with some organic cane sugar and made a scrub for my face, ankles,knees and rough spots and wow!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Water kefir batch #3

This is my third batch of water kefir in history. The second batch is in its second ferment stage flavored with blueberry juice (so excited). The first batch has already been consumed. I used a bit of molasses in the first and I'm not a fan. The carbonation I ended up with was super but I still found it ultra sweet. Hoping these next batches will be a little more refined. I have peaked my husbands interest in kefir, which is very cool, I'm glad he's interested.
     For my next project, I will be trying do a Kefir with coconut water. Hopefully there'll be enough sugar in the coconut water to ferment. Before I do that though I want to get the kefir grains going really good. Gotta get a case of coconuts from my trusty Asian market. Ann Dao on south Blvd ❤ them.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Water Kefir!!

Water Kefir!!
I have wanted to try making my own Kombucha for a very long time but I found it intimidating because in my little pea brained train of thought I was afraid of eating something "rotten". Turns out its not really rotten at all. It's one of the best ways to eat things  on the planet.
So, I had a baby last August and I for some reason felt like I just couldn't recover. I felt so tired ALL the time and I slept plenty (the baby is an awesome sleeper)(don't hate me) the point is I wasnt  feeling better like I thought I should. So I decided to start eating better which led to drinking a revita probiotic coconut water ..I would treat myself once a week. Slowly my habit grew until finally drink at least one a day. I also stopped drinking any alcohol so this would be my drink instead if we went out to a BBQ where everyone else was drinking. Anyways, this can be an expensive habit at $2-3 dollars each. So I did a google on non dairy kefir and I stumbled on a wonderful lady's website ( and she gives the starter away if you live nearby or she will ship it for very little $. Turns out she lives in my city!! How cool is that!? On my way to her house she called me up and asked me if I wanted a Scoby (kombucha starter bacteria) and I said YES to that too. So she apparently has a fridge full of both:) 
By the way I feel totally back to normal only even better. I have a ton of energy and my skin is clearing up and I am really never tired or sad in any way any more. I just have a lot of joy and I'm having a great time with the new baby and really cherishing it all and loving life. I guess I really wanna share with whoever will listen and kefir is one step in the journey I stumbled onto.
I'm going to post more pics of the kefir process as I take them. This is my second batch In the pic above. The first I am attempting a second ferment for more carbonation...we will see. I still have much to learn but I plan on fermenting every thing I can think of in the near future and hopefully for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coconut Palm Sugar

My new sugar substitute
Coconut palm sugar has a lower glycemic index. It tastes really good! You won't miss real sugar. I use it in my tea and in my morning coffee. This 1 lb bag was about $5. It is almost equally as sweet a cane sugar.